19 Tweets That Told the Absolute Truth


Twitter allows users to express themselves in just 140 characters, and thats all they need to tell the absolute truth about life.

1. Trying to drink whilst lying down:

"So You Think You Can Drink Something Laying Down Without Pouring It All Over Your Face"

— MJ (@sucittaM) May 21, 2014

2. Twitter stalking:

3. Trying to turn your life around:

trying to turn my life around like pic.twitter.com/eBnPH9KxMZ

— no (@tbhjuststop) November 2, 2014

4. When being cool requires effort:

5. Going out to a club:

Hell yes I want to go to a club. Standing awkwardly in a room isn't the same if I'm not paying for it

— Nice Hippo (@NicestHippo) October 29, 2014

6. Things that need creating:

7. Life:

hi mom can you come pick me up from life

— Emily Rose (@emilyrose_tcb) October 29, 2014

8. Dirty People:

9. About love:

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you but eating pizza with them instead.

— Trevor S (@trevso_electric) October 29, 2014

10. About adult life:

Adulthood is mostly just faking that you have any idea what you're doing.

— caprice crane (@capricecrane) October 4, 2014

11.Everyday life:

12. When you are hungry:

when the food is taking too long pic.twitter.com/bFNWkEalFv

— Common White Girl (@CommonWhiteGirI) October 26, 2014

13. Whats really scary:

14. Those who forget names:

sorry i remembered your cat's name but not your fiancé's

— allison tanenhaus (@atanenhaus) May 12, 2014

15. Fitness:

16. America:

If you think America is cool, let me remind you that there was an entire year where people posed as Tebow at every fucking wedding.

— Atman Thakrar (@AtmanThakrar) June 5, 2014

17.Answering Questions:

18. Shopping:

Nothing is more terrifying than making eye contact with the guy running that mall kiosk.

— Men's Humor (@MensHumor) November 6, 2014

19. Chip Dip:

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