23 Pictures That Will Make You Realise How Insignificant You Are


The world is a pretty big place, but when you compare it to the rest of the universe you realise just how insignificant you are. Here are 23 pictures that could trigger an existential crisis...

1. Earth is the third planet in from the left. Thats how small we are.

solar system

Solar System rendered to scale by Roberto Ziche.

2. Here another solar map showing us our position in space:

solar system map

via Foxnews.com

3. And this is earth from the moon:

earth from moon

via Nasa

4. This is earth as seen from mars:

earth seen from mars

You can see it.. just about.

via Nasa

5. And how we look from Neptune, just 4 billion miles away.

earth from neptune

via Wikipedia

6. And this is our tiny planet compared to the sun:

earth compared to sun

via astronomycentral.co.uk

7. And her is the Sun as viewed from Mars:

nasa sun from mars

via Nasa

8. But from earth this is all you ever see at night when you look up in the sky:


via Twitter

 9. The size of a black hole compared to the earths orbit. Scary stuff.

earth orbit black hole

via mcdonaldobservatory.org

10. What an eclipse looks like from space:

what an eclipse looks like from space

via Nasa

11. And what earth would look like if we had rings like saturn.

if earth had rings

via io9.com

12. Lets think a little bigger. Even our galaxy is tiny compared to IC 1011 which is 350 million light years from earth.

milkway galaxy size

via Twitter

13. If you thought our sun made earth look insignificant then just take a look at what VY Canis Majoris does to the sun:

vy majoris

via Wikipedia

14. Fun Fact: There are more stars in space than there are grains of sand here on earth.

stars compared to sand

via science.nationalgeographic.com

15. This is comet 67p. We just landed a probe on this comet, and here is how big it is compared to Los Angeles:

rosseta comet landing

via mentalfloss.com

16. This is just one image captured by the Hubble telescope. In this picture there are thousands of galaxies that each contain millions of stars and planets.

hubble telescope

via hubblesite.org

17. So to sum it all up. This is earth and our solar system.

eart galaxy 1

via buzzfeed

18. And this is what you get if you zoom out a little.

eart galaxy 2

via buzzfeed

19. Even further and you end up with the milky way.

eart galaxy 3

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20. Zoom out even further and you get this:

eart galaxy 4

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21. Even further....

eart galaxy 5

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22. Keep going...

eart galaxy 6

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23. Until you get to the observable universe. Damn we are small.

eart galaxy 7

via buzzfeed