25 Individuals Who Took failing to Another Level


Fails so bad they will leave you laughing and cringing at the same time.

1. Feeding the pug

breast feed pug

2. Starbucks

cark starbucks

3. This cat

cat covered in polystyrene

4. The guy who complained to Domino's and lost

customer complaint fail

5. The person who just gave away their bank details.

debit card fail

6. The guy who is chasing something he doesn't even have.

desperate guy

7. This dog

dog fail

8. The kid that just agreed with his brain.

funny child answer

9. This passionate lover.

funny dog

10.  This girls ball skills

11. This big kid

grown man fai

12. The person who dressed up in this halloween outfit.

halloween costume

13. This Tumblr user

human heart

14. The person who clearly doesn't understand commas

oxford comma

15. The person who tries to fight for equality.

petal stool

16. The kid that just forgot to add water.


17. This cake maker

starship enterprise

18. The Rihanna wannabe

19. This sunbather


20. Not so clever seagull

swift getaway

21. Cinnamon Rolls

synonym rolls

22. This guy with just a taco to his name.

taco id

23. This guy who couldn't pull off the ice bucket challenge.

24. The journalist with hard hearing

the guardian

25. And finally, this grumpy cat.

this cat

h/t Buzzfeed