The 26 Most Epic Roller Coaster Photos of All Time

When it comes to theme park rides and log flumes in particular it would seem you get all sorts of people on them. There are the people who hold on for dear life, the people that pull funny faces, the ones that throw their hands in the air and then there are these people – they take posing to another level. Here are the 26 most epic roller coaster photos of all time.

1. Beer Pong

2. Boxing Match

3. The Older Brother

4. “Sorry, What Was That?”

5. Gotta Love Cereal

6. Anyone for Chess?

7. Mega Derp

8. “Well this Sucks.”

9. Gamecube

10. Just Horsin Around

11. Hulk

12. Jenga

13. The Lion King

14. Men In Black

15. Monopoly

16. Dining for Two

17. “Oh My God!”

18. Casual Reading

19. Robbery

20. The Butler

21. Just Shaving

22. Taking a Nap

23. Snakes on a Log Flume

24. Sup?

25. Medical Emergency

26. The Proposal

via Buzzfeed

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