26 of the Funniest Bumper Stickers Ever

Here are 26 bumper stickers that are actually funny. If you were behind any of these cars you probably couldn’t help but laugh.

1. Give them a break!

2. The ass family

3. This green person

4. Cat not good with computer

5. The person who isn’t sure about their coverage

6. Can’t even drive straight

7. This:

8. Free punches and a T-Rex that cannot clap

9. The truth

10. At least they know

11. Slide to unlock

12. This:

13. The person that accepts their status in life

14. This cheeky sticker

15. Stating the obvious

16. Not that kind of car

17. Its always a competition

18. Suck here:

19. The person that hates work

20. Yes. It does.

21. This person from the future

22. Sure you aren’t

23. A legitimate excuse

24. This contradiction

25. They saw this coming

26. A standard ‘Your mom’ joke

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