26 Unfortunately Timed Photographs

A re-shoot might be needed. Here are 26 brilliantly timed photographs that are just a bit unfortunate.

1. This is not a giant man baby

2. This not a dog / woman hybrid

3. These are not tiny bridesmaids

4. That isn’t what you think it is

5. This dad chilling watching the football. That’s not what you think either

6. This isn’t really all that dangerous.

7. Those are not her lips. 

8. Is that her hair? no. It’s something else.

9. This girl isn’t a ghost

10. This baby doesn’t have huge hands

11. This isn’t a giant purple man

12. This woman doesn’t actually have this much hair, or a creepily long neck.

13. Too many legs and not enough heads

14. This woman does actually have a head

15. This man is not getting married in a wedding dress

16. This isn’t as trippy as it looks.

17. The oldest man baby ever

18. Cannot figure out who’s legs are who’s.

19. That is not her ponytail

20. This isn’t as revealing as you think

21. Thats not what it looks like

22. The worlds trippiest selfie

23. This woman doesn’t have two heads

24. This baby doesn’t have giant legs

25. This guy doesn’t have a tiny head

26. And this little girl isn’t the offspring of Arnold Schwarzenegger

via BuzzFeed

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