27 Painfully Funny Facts about Life That Are All Too True

On a day to day basis its normally the little things that get to us the most. Here are 27 painfully funny facts that are all too true.

1. Its always the stuff you hate the most

2. What you see when you pass road works

3. When people just don’t listen

4. Those damn Captcha Codes

5. Tennis motivation for men

6. Public transport

7. It never looks as good

8. When you can only summon the strength to reach for the crisps

9. When there is no need for a gym membership

10. Expectation Vs. Reality

11. Stepping on the scales

12. Mobile networks

13. Sportswear is just too comfy

14. Drinking in a relationship

15. Crisp packets

16. Whenever a new iPhone is announced

17. Twitter users

18. Earphones tangle all the time

19. Sun worshipers

20. Cooking

21. Drinking Coffee

22. When drinking Jagerbombs

23. Danger you really care about

24. Talking to mum on the phone

25. Is this how you use your iPhone?

26. Eating healthy sucks

27. Your music collection

source: kindofnormal.com

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