27 Things That Are Brilliantly Similar to Each Other


Here are 27 things that are brilliantly similar to each other. Justin Timberlake's hair is just something else...

1. Justin Timberlake's hair looks like Ramen Noodles

1 jt noodle hair

2. This guy looks like Carl from Up

2 carl from up

3. Michael Jackson looks like an ancient Egyptian statue 

3 mj

4. This homeless man looks exactly like a male fashion model

4 homeless man fashion

5. This dog looks like Putin

5 putin dog

6. Nicky Minaj and a Troll Doll

6 nicky minaj troll doll

7. A chocolate that looks like this mans head

7 candy man head

8. Puppy and teddy bear


9. This old lady looks like the grandma from Looney Tunes

9 real life grandma

10. Real life Cartman

10 real life cartman

11. Yellow dress and caterpillar

11 yellow dress

12. Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus

12 miley cyrus justin bieber

13. Dog and Richard Branson

13 richard branson

14. Snoop Dogg and a real dog

14 snoop dogg

15. Little girl and doll

15 girl and doll

16. Who wore it better?

16 who wore it better

17. This dog and a towel


18. Puppies and fried chicken

18 fried chicken puppies

19. This pampered pooch and its owners

19 dog and owner

20. Feather duster fashion

20 feather duster fashion

21. Who wore it better?

21 who wore it better

22. Jacob Black Alpaca

22 jacob black

23. This baby and the Michelin Man

23 baby michellin man

24. Three bags? look closely

24 three similar bags

25. An Oyster card and this woman's outfit

25 oyster card

26. Lady Gaga and this dog

26 lady gaga dog

27. Will Ferrell and Chad Smith

27 will ferrel chad smith

h/t boredpanda