29 Incredibly Rare Historical Photographs You've Probably Never Seen Before


Here are 29 incredibly rare historical photographs that show some important events in our recent history.

1. Moving a 7600 ton apartment block in Alba Iulia, Romania, 1987.

1 romania 1987

2. A black police officer protects a member of the KKK from protesters in 1983.

2 officer kkk

3. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev when he was a young man in 1986.

3 dmitry medvedev 1986

4. This is Hannah Stilley. Born in 1746 and photographed in 1840 she is thought to be the earliest born individual ever captured on film.

4 hannah stilley

5. How 'The Apple' was transported. India's first satellite in 1981.

5 the apple

6. Steven Spielberg visualising a scene from the first Indiana Jones movie in 1980.

6 first ever indiana movie spielberg

7. A plane caught in a crosswind crashes into a truck whilst trying to land in 1976.

7 strong crosswinds

8. People having a picnic on the highway during the oil crisis of 1973.

8 oil crisis 1987

9. A stripper on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange in 1970.

9 stripper stock exchange

10. A man works on an analog computer in 1968.

10 analog computer

11. During the Prague spring in 1968 a soviet soldier chases a young man who had just thrown stones at a tank.

11 prague spring

12. Test pilot George Arid ejects from an English Electric Lightning F1.

12 test pilot ejects

13. The Beatles play to a small club with about 18 people dancing in 1961. Little over a year later they became world famous.

13 beatles

14. Disney World staff canteen in 1961.

14 1961 disney canteen

15. The East Bay Dragons - the first black bikers club. Oakland, California, 1960s.

15 first black bikers club

16. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro fishing in 1960.

16 fidel castro fishing

17. A Swimmobile drives through New York City in 1960.

17 swimmobile new york

18. Audrey Hepburn shopping with her pet deer 'Ip' in Beverley Hills, 1958.

18 audrey hepburn

19. A drive-in theatre in Utah shows "The Ten Commandments" starring Charlton Heston in 1958.

19 drive in feature utah

20. The worlds first 5MB hard disk boarding a PanAm plane in 1956.

20 first ever 5mb disk

21. Coca Cola makes it's debut in France, 1950.

21 coca cola

22. Aftermath of the D-Day invasion. Two bots watch on as american soldiers drive through the town of St. Lo. France.

22 dday

23. This is what a flight simulator looked like in 1942.

23 flight simulator

24. The Hollywood era begins - filming the MGM studio credits in 1928.


25. Factory workers racing on the roof of the Fiat factory in Turin, Italy, 1923.

25 fiat factory roof race

26. The seal on Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. It went for 3,245 years without being touched.

26 tomb

27. The first ever international tennis match played at Wimbledon.

27 first international tennis match

28. An old traditional pub in London, 1898.

28 old london pub

29. Princeton students after a snowball fight in 1893. What was in those snowballs? we don't even want to know.

29 princeton students snowball fight

source: imgur