These Everyday Items Look Completely Different under the Microscope


Everyday you use or come across these items and many are found in your house, at school or at work but you have never seen them like this before.

Put under the microscope the most average of items such as a ball point pen become totally mesmerising. The images you see below are produced by ZEISS Microscopy who use an Ion Beam Scanning Microscope.

The results are awesome, and you can check out even more incredible photos via Flickr.

1. Ball Point Pen

ball point pen microscope

2. Coffee Grounds

coffee grounds microscope

3. Cut Hair

cut hair microscope


flower pollen microscope

5. Fruit Fly

fruit fly microscope

6. Ground Black Pepper

ground black pepper microscope 2

7. Moustache

mustache microscope

8. Nylon Stockings


9. Pepper

pepper microscope

10. Printed Paper

printed paper microscope 1

11. Razor Blade

razor blade microscope

12. Salt

salt microscope

13. A staple through paper

staple through paper microscope

14. The surface of an old penny

surface of old penny microscope

15. Textile

textile microscope

16. White Sugar

white sugar microscope

17. Wood

wood microscope

18. Woven Fabric

woven fabric

source: zeissmicro