Forget a Normal Bed, This Human-Sized Nest Is What You Need

Some might refer to their bedroom as their nest or even just their bed, but if you had this human-sized nest you could proudly say that you really do have a nest in your own home.

There might be some impracticalities surrounding this human nest such as the amount of space it would take up, but just look at how comfortable it looks.

The nests come in a range of sizes with the smallest seating two or three people and the largest seating up to 16 people, which is perfect if you want to have others over to join you in your nest. Party time!

The nest can be fully customised in terms of colour to match the interior of your home no matter your style choice. Unlike a normal sofa or a bed the nest has an endless amount of possibilities according to the OGE Creative Group and it is completely up to the owners to use it as they see fit. We just know that if we had one of these we would probably never leave the house ever again.

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