This Functioning Truck Made of Ice Is Literally the Coolest Car Ever


This functioning truck believe it or not is made of ice meaning it is literally the coolest car ever made!. Built by Canadian automotive company Canadian Tire, in Zurich, Ontario the truck was created to advertise the companies new MotoMaster Eliminator Ultra battery, demonstrating how it can operate in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

During the test drive the truck reached around 12 miles per hour which is an impressive feat for a vehicle that weighs 14,000 pounds. The chassis for the truck was taken from a 2005 GMC Silverado and then fitted with a steel frame. After this the ice was added which was sculpted by ice sculpting company Iceculture.

truck made of ice 1

truck made of ice 2.1

truck made of ice 2

truck made of ice 3

truck made of ice 4.1

truck made of ice 4

h/t imgur