Majestic Black and White Photographs of Goats by Kevin Horan


Judging by how much we all love our pets, according to the internet at least, it comes as no surprise that pet photography is big business for cats and dogs but what about goats? well professional photographer Kevin Horan thought that they also deserve some attention. The result is awesome.

Horan has been photographing barn animals since 2007 when the series titled Chattel started. It was all sparked when he approached a neighbour about photographing one of his sheep when he moved to Whidbey Island, Washington, and he's been snapping away at them ever since.

The subtle black and white photographs capture goats and sheep looking truly majestic, revealing an almost human like personality of each animal. You can see more of the Horan's photographs here.

Ben #1, 2014

majestic black and white goat photography 2

Carl #1

majestic black and white goat photography 4

Jake #1, 2012


majestic black and white goat photography 7

Honey #1, 2014


h/t colossal