Mesmerising Circular Ceramic Sculptures by Matthew Chambers


These concentric ceramic sculptures by artist Matthew Chambers draw your eye inwards through the multiple ceramic layers as if they are portals to another dimension. When you look at them closely they appear to be inspired by a curled up armadillo, and it really is a wonder how these sculptures are created.

Although they appear as if they were created using mathematical calculations or a 3D printer they are actually created even without the aid of sketches as Chambers prefers to work on each layer as if it was an experiment. Every layer is created using a potter's wheel and then assembled as a solid sculpture.

If you want to learn more about the process Chambers goes through to achieve these incredible geometric sculptures then check out this interview on Ideas in the Making.


layered chamber 2

layered chamber 3

layered chamber 4

layered chamber 5

layered chamber 6

layered chamber 7

layered chamber 8

layered chamber 9

via Colossal