Mum Helps Her Daughter Find Who She Really Is in These Incredible Cosplay Photos


This is Alice Lewis, a 9-year-old girl who uses her extraordinary imagination and her mothers impressive photography skills to explore who she truly is. Alice is an aspiring model and and actress who is capable of taking on the roles of any character she chooses to play with ease but dressing up is more important to her than just a fun hobby.

As a young girl Alice was adopted by the Lewis family at age 7 and decided to change her name to Alice, named after the character from Lewis Caroll's books. After years of abuse and neglect, she has finally been able to create her very own wonderland in which she can truly enjoy herself. Kelly, her mother writes on Tumblr:

"Alice loves sharing her story so that others might get inspired to adopt a child, an older one at that. Reading another child's adoption story is what inspired us to foster-to-adopt in the first place. And while I don't introduce Alice as my 'adopted daughter'... we don't keep it a secret where she came from. It's part of her identity and I never want her to be ashamed of it. It's relevant to the portraits we create together because it's what we do to bond. We didn't have a natural maternal link—we created one the best way we knew how and it's stronger that I could have ever imagined."

Joan of Arc

alice lewis cosplay 1

Wonder Woman


Alice in Wonderland

alice lewis cosplay 3

The Summoning

alice lewis cosplay 4

Edward Scissorhands

alice lewis cosplay 5

Margot Tenenbaum

alice lewis cosplay 6

Carrie White

alice lewis cosplay 7


Kelly Is Nice Photography -

Wednesday and Morticia Addams (Kelly Lewis)

alice lewis cosplay 9


alice lewis cosplay 10


alice lewis cosplay 11


alice lewis cosplay 12

Marie Antoinette

alice lewis cosplay 14

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