Pixar Confirm There Will Be a Toy Story 4



Good news for Pixar fans and Toy Story fans alike, they have just announced the next installment of the Toy Story franchise 19 years after the first one was released. Toy Story 4 sees the director of the first tow films, John Lasseter return with Rashida Jones and Will McCormack writing. The movie is set to be released on June 16th 2017.

toy story 4 1


John Lasseter works with his story team on Toy Story 4

The news has been met with some criticism as some fans rejoice whilst others believe that another Toy Story is simply overkill. It's nothing new for Pixar however, the animation giant has relied heavily on sequels to older more successful movies, a good example being Finding Dory which is set to be released in 2015 and follows up from the hugely popular Finding Nemo which was released in 2003.

We look forward to seeing what they create, but we hope it doesn't spoil the much loved first two films.