Powerful Photographs of Injured British Soldiers by Bryan Adams

These striking a powerful photographs depict wounded british soldiers in a series by musician and portrait photographer Bryan Adams titled Wounded: The Legacy of War. Adams hopes that these images will cause people to seriously reflect on those who have been injured and look at them as a source of inspiration.

The series focuses upon servicemen and women from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, and views them and their injuries as part of the people they have become. In a project that started in 2008 Adams has since spent that time gaining the trust of service men and women and in doing so has heard some incredible accounts of warfare and the struggles they face on a daily basis due to their injuries.

Looking at these photographs can be tough as they serve as a powerful visual reminder of the true cost of war, however the importance of capturing them cannot be overlooked. Although a picture may paint a thousands words each soldier below has so much more to tell. You can check out more on series in the book Wounded: Legacy of War and the exhibition at Somerset House, London WC2, which is running from 12 November to 25 January 2015. Admission is free.

Marine Mark Ormrod, injured in Afghanistan, aged 24

Private Alex Stringer, injured in Afghanistan, aged 20

Private Karl Hinett, injured in Iraq, aged 18

Sergeant Rick Clement, injured in Afghanistan, aged 30

Private Jaco Van Gass, injured in Afghanistan, aged 23

Private Jaco Van Gass, injured in Afghanistan, aged 23

Corporal Simon Brown, injured in Iraq, aged 28

Rifleman Craig Wood, injured in Afghanistan, aged 18

Corporal RickyFergusson, injured in Afghanistan, aged 24

Sergeant Rick Clement, injured in Afghanistan, aged 30

Sergeant Mark Sutcliffe, injured in Iraq, aged 27

Marine Joe Townsend, injured in Afghanistan, aged 19

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