Rosetta's Philae Probe Takes Epic Selfie with Comet 67P


Today on the 12th November we could be witnessing history as Rosetta’s Philae probe is set to make its first ever landing on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.

Comet 67P is a huge comet that spans about 1.5 miles wide and weighs a mind boggling 11 billion tons (10 trillion kilograms). The landing will mark a big step in the exploration of space and the probe will help us learn more about our universe by studying the surface of these previously unexplored rocks / huge chunks of ice.

The comet has pretty much no surface gravity meaning the moment the Philae (spacecraft) lands, ice screws in each footpad will immediately begin drilling into the comet. Harpoons also deploy and then tighten to pull the probe down to the surface.

Before Rosetta's Philae Probe began its descent it took these epic selfies complete with comet 67P in the background. You can keep up to date with the comet landing via @ESA_Rosetta


Rosetta's selfie with comet 67P from 16 km

rosseta selfies 2

h/t imgur