The Scariest Circus You Have Ever Seen

If you are afraid of clowns then fear not – there is an entire circus that doesn’t actually feature any clowns at all, the only downside being that it’s full of its own unique horrors.

The Circus of horrors has been shocking audiences for over 20 years and is currently touring around the world. As you are going to see from the pictures below the circus has its own macarbe twist that will leave you reaching for the person sitting next to you for whatever comfort you can summon whilst sat in front of man sticking metal spikes through his mouth or someone contort themselves into positions even your mind has trouble comprehending.

The circus began with a hit show at the Glastonbury Festival in 1995.

Their unique acts have allowed them to perform on stage along side famous performers such as Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, and Marilyn Manson.

The show even made it onto the finals of TV show Britain’s Got Talent.

Ouch! it might look like it hurts but the circus is notorious for using clever tricks and optical illusions to fool its audience.

How she fits in here we don’t even know.

Freaky. The performers of the circus certainly like to give the audience a fright – it’s definitely not for the squeamish.

It might seem scary, but clearly people love being made to squirm in their seats. They have been going for 20 years and show no sign of stopping.


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