This Self Taught Woodworker Is Turning Old Skateboards into Awesome Sculptures


Japanese skateboarder and self-taught woodworker Haroshi creates these incredible sculptures using old recycled skateboard decks and wheels.

Haroshi is still a passionate skateboarder and often finds it hard to throw old boards or any part of them away which is what first lead him to start creating art.

His works often end up with a wooden mosaic effect that is achieved through stacking many skateboard decks on top of each other. Each deck is unique depending on who has manufactured them, so not all fit together, but thanks to Haroshis extensive knowledge he knows which boards will fit together. Once stacked they are cut, shaven and then polished into the amazing artworks you see below.

His sculpures often have a hidden suprise within them that you cannot see from the outside, there is often a metal object buried inside the sculptures that is from a broken skateboard part. Haroshi says that these hidden objects "give soul" and meaning to his art pieces.

You can keep up to date with his art via his Instagram page, Facebook Page and Website

skateboard sculpture 1

haroshi skateboard sculptures 12


haroshi skateboard sculptures 11

haroshi skateboard sculptures 2

skateboard sculpture 3.1

skateboard sculpture 5

skateboard vulture