Smell-O-Vision Is a Real Thing That Will Inspire You to Travel


Whenever you visit a new place the thing you remember the most is the smell, everywhere has its own unique smell that can spark powerful memories. This is why Heathrow airport in London has decided to install a working Smell-O-Vision so you can experience smells from all around the world without even stepping on a plane.

Heathrow Airport has just installed a Scent Globe that dispenses scents from around the world.


Teaming up with fragrance company Design A Scent, they have narrowed it down to scents from just 5 countries.

smell of vision heathrow 2

Here are the five countries and what they smell like, firstly - Brazil

smell of vision heathrow 3

What it smells like - Galbanum, some hints of coffee, jasmine, Brazilian orchid and tobacco with noticeable whiffs of leather, musk and patchouli.


smell of vision heathrow 4

What it smells like - Seaweed and shell extract, hints of green tea and Tatami, and a noticeable smell of Ambergris and Hinoki wood.


smell of vision heathrow 5

What it smells like - Lemongrass, plai and chili, with hints of coconut and ginger root

South Africa

smell of vision heathrow 6

What it smells like - Wild grass, hay and tribal incense with hints of leather, African moss, woods and musk.


smell of vision heathrow 7

What it smells like - Osmanthus flower and bamboo with hints of black tea and incense.

h/t Distractify