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The 30 Most Creative Rings in the World

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A ring normally takes form in a precious metal and is a symbol of either marriage, engagement or authority. At least thats what a ring used to stand for. Rings have become a common jewellery accessory and although they might not be as important in a symbolic sense they certainly aren't any less creative.

1. Mouse Ring

1 mouse ring

source: Etsy

2. Real Flower Rings


2 flower rings

source: Etsy

3. Projector Ring

3 projector ring

source: techshout.com

4. Rabbit Ring

4 bunny ring

source: Etsy

5. Ring that Leaves an Impression.

5 hidden message ring

6 hidden message ring

source: yoonjungyun.com

7. Fox Ring

7 fox ring

8. Alice In Wonderland Ring

8 alice in wonderland ring

source: beautifullife.info

9. Scrabble Ring

9 scrabble ring

source: supermarkethq.com

10. Raw Crystal Ring

10 raw crystal ring

source: Etsy

11. "I love You" Braille Ring

11 braille ring

source: eve-design.ch

12. Crane Ring

12 origami ring crane

source: Etsy

13. Deer Antler Ring

13 antler ring

source: Etsy

14. Dragon Ring

14 dragon ring

source: barnorama.com

15. Skeleton Hand Ring

15 skeleton hand rings

source: backstage.bigcartel.com

16. R2-D2 Ring

16 r2d2 ring

source: jap-inc.co.jp

17. Steampunk Ring

17 steampunk ring

source: Etsy

18. Nut and Bolt Wedding Rings

18 nut and bolt wedding ring

source: kileygranberg.com

19. Glass Eye Ring

19 eyeball ring

source: weheartit.com

20. Wooden Landscape Ring


source: etsy.com

21. Pac Man Ring

21 pac man ring

source: borderingonobsessed.me

22. Full Moon Ring

22 full moon ring

source: weheartit.com

23. Jellyfish Ring

23 jellyfish ring

source: designboom.com

24. Swimmer Ring by Helen Noakes

24 swimmer ring

source: Helen Noakes

25. Diamond Ring in a Box

25 diamond ring in box ring

source: gregsims.ca

26. Darth Vader Ring

26 darth vader ring

27. Peace Ring

27 peace ring

source: indulgy.com

28. Flowers in Ring

28 real flower ring

source: etsy.com

29. Burger Ring

29 burger ring

source: culy.nl

h/t boredpanda