You Will Be Amazed at the Art Ants Are Able to Create

Gone are the days of beautiful portrait paintings and detailed landscape drawings, now art has become about pushing the boundaries, and they don’t come anymore ‘out there’ than what artist Brad Troemel have come up with. Using ants to create the artwork for him.

Apparently people say ants just burrow small tunnels aimlessly, but anyone that says this clearly hasn’t observed ants like he has says Troemel

And from these pictures you can see what he is on about.

The gel that the ants tunnel through contains edible nutrients.

The ants do eat some of the gel along the way but pile most of it at the top.

At the end of it all everyone wins. Troemel gets to create art. The ants get to eat and do ant things and we get to look at this art and say wow.

Nature is awesome.

via Viral Nova

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