10 GIFs That Prove Dads Are Superheroes in Disguise


These are not your ordinary dads, they are clearly superheroes in disguise. Anyone with reflexes that quick clearly isn't human... and when everything seems to be going badly they quickly step in to save the day.

1. Dad catches a falling baby.

superhero dad 1.1

2. This dad who saves the day.

superhero dad 1

3. This father with his incredible catching skills.

superhero dad 2

4. This dad who almost.. almost failed.

superhero dad 3

5. Ermm.. might need a little work.

superhero dad 4.1

6. Dad catches the birthday cake.

superhero dad 7.1

7. Crisis averted!


8. This incredible guy... no thanks to a careless driver.

superhero dad 10

9. This dad who has got some serious pace.

superhero dad 11

10. Stopping a young girl from making a big mistake.

superhero dad 16