18 Awesome Examples of Origami Paper Art

Paper isn’t just for writing on, it can also be used to create some insanely impressive art too. Here are 18 awesome examples of Origami Art.

1. Violin

Art by Gen Hagiwara

2. Paper Mammoth by Arturori

Image via Flickr

3. Grand Piano by Patricia Crawford 

Image via giladorigami.com

4. Origami Doberman by Ares Alanya

Image via Flickr

5. Origami Kiwi

Image via Boredpanda

6. Origami Chameleon by Arturori

Image via Flickr

7. Origami Swan by AlleysAmazingArt

Image via Deviant Art

8. Origami Fox

Image via dosisdiaria.blogspot.co.uk

9. The Thinker by Nick Robinson

via nickrobinson.info

10. Origami Yoda by Fumiaki Kawahata

Image via Instagram

11. Origami Cardinal by Sebastien Limet

Image via Flickr

12. Star Wars Droid

Image via starwarigami.co.uk

13. Yuri – Lily

Image via ziaruldeiasi.ro

14. Mother and Child by Stephen Weiss

Image via papersunandmoon.blogspot.com

15. Warhorse by Ross Symons

via Instagram

16. Dragon Family

Image via papersunandmoon.blogspot.co.uk

17. Origami Fairy by Yoshihisa Kimura

Image via papersunandmoon.blogspot.co.uk

18. Eric Joisel’s Rat

Image via snkhan.co.uk

via BoredPanda

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