20 Vines We Couldn't Stop Looping in 2014

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In no particular order here are twenty of the funniest, most entertaining and popular vines that we couldn't stop looping in 2014.

1. When the Beat Drops: Baby Edition


3. The Kid that made the most of it:

4. This dog who is so cute it's unreal:

5. Hello? Hey. Looping perfection.

6. Always Save the J's

7. This bouncing totally adorable lamb:

8. This cat when it comes to food time:

9. How we all act when we sing in the car:

10. This little Piglet

11. Party UP IN HERE!

12. Turn Down For What!

13. This Ice Bucket Challenge FAIL

14. This girl:

15. Narrating peoples lives

16. What WHAT?

17. Surprise!

18. In my mums car

19. When you realise you've had one too many:

20. And finally, this cat: