20 Vines We Couldn't Stop Looping in 2014


In no particular order here are twenty of the funniest, most entertaining and popular vines that we couldn't stop looping in 2014.

1. When the Beat Drops: Baby Edition


3. The Kid that made the most of it:

4. This dog who is so cute it's unreal:

5. Hello? Hey. Looping perfection.

6. Always Save the J's

7. This bouncing totally adorable lamb:

8. This cat when it comes to food time:

9. How we all act when we sing in the car:

10. This little Piglet

11. Party UP IN HERE!

12. Turn Down For What!

13. This Ice Bucket Challenge FAIL

14. This girl:

15. Narrating peoples lives

16. What WHAT?

17. Surprise!

18. In my mums car

19. When you realise you've had one too many:

20. And finally, this cat: