22 Beautifully Remote Houses Lost within Wintery Landscapes

Although the winter weather causes problems for some and nobody enjoys being cold it’s hard to argue against the fact that winter time is the most beautiful season of them all.

Around the world are incredibly remote lodges, cabins and houses that are located in scenic locations that are made even better at winter by the dusting of snow and frost that covers them. From snowy forests in Norway to mountain tops in Austria here are 22 beautifully remote houses lost within wintery landscapes.

1. Winter Fairytale

via taurus13

2. Snowy Forest

via John Papers

3. Northern Lights, Finland

via Terho Mäkelä

4. Red

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5. Stockholm, Sweden

via pichost.me

6. Alps

via Florin Biscu

7. Lapland, Finland

via Andrey Chabrov

8. House Buried within Trees

via wallwidehd.com

9. Tromso, Norway

via Antony Spencer

10. Norway

via Tzvika Stain

11. Tirol, Austria

via Bill Jewitt

12. Bergsdalen Mountains, Norway

via Espen Haagensen

13. Iceland

via Þorsteinn H Ingibergsson

14. Cabin in the Woods

via John Papers

15. La Maison Jaune

via Andre Villeneuve

16. Dents Du Midi In The Swiss Alps

via Martin Stantchev

17. Öxnadal, Iceland

via Oscar Bjarnason

18. Karkonosze Mountains, Poland

via Piotr Krzaczkowski

19. Norway

via Andre Oen

20. Dolomites, Italy

via Oleg Ivanov

21. Bergen, Norway

via Ola Moen

22. Karwendel, Austria

via Olli H.

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