23 Perfect Gifts for People That Love Food


Shopping for presents is easy when you are looking for stuff to buy a food lover. Whether they love pizza, sushi or all things fruit there is always going to be something you can buy them that they will love.

Here is a list of 23 pretty unusual gift ideas you can get for people that love their food. It would seem that pizza lovers are the easiest people to buy for, just check out number 12 and you will see what we mean.

1. Chocolate Sofa

chocolate sofa

source: Iris Koser

2. Cookie Monster Mug

cookie monster mug 1

source: InAGlaze

3. Custom Engraved Rolling Pin

custom engraved rolling pin 1

custom engraved rolling pin 2

custom engraved rolling pin 3

source: ValekRollingPins

4. Pretzel & Donut Pool Floats

food pool float 1

food pool float

source: firebox.com

5. Goldfish Yolk Separator

goldfish yolk separator 1

source: Peleg Design

6. Hamburger Bed

hamburger bed 1

hamburger bed 2

source: hamburgerbed.com

7. Heisenberg Cutting Board

heisenberg cutting board

source: CreativeButterflyXOX

8. Ice Cream Lights

ice cream lights 1

source: Alex Garnett

9. Panda Bento Rice Maker

panda bento rice maker 1

panda bento rice maker 2

panda bento rice maker 3

source: Amazon

10. Panda Toast Stamp

panda toast stamp 1

panda toast stamp 2

panda toast stamp 3

source: hands.net

11. Peppermint Candy Cane Spoon

peppermint candy cane spoon 1

source: Amazon

12. Pizza Bed Cover


source: Claire Manganiello

13. Pizza Scissor Cutters

pizza scissor cutters

source: Amazon

14. Pizza Sleeping Bag

pizza sleeping bag 1

pizza sleeping bag 2

pizza sleeping bag 3

source: Bfiberandcraft

15. Amazingly Realistic Food Soap

realistic food soap 1

realistic food soap 2

realistic food soap 3

source: AubreyEApothecary

16. Shark Sushi Plate

shark sushi plate 2

source: aviceramics

17. Skull Shaped Boiled Eggs

skull shaped boiled eggs 1

skull shaped boiled eggs

source: Amazon

18. Spooning Leads to Forking

spooning leads to forking

source: BabyPuppyDesigns

19. Stem Metal Citrus Spritzer

stem metal citrus spritzer 1

stem metal citrus spritzer 2

source: quirky.com

20. Sushi Socks

sushi socks 1

sushi socks 2

sushi socks 3

source: otakumode.com

21. Sushi Stapler

sushi stapler 1

sushi stapler 2

source: Amazon

22. Watermelon Tent

watermelon tent

source: fieldcandy.com

23. Watermelon USB

watermelon usb stick

source: Amazon

h/t boredpanda