23 Spectacular Photographs of Starry Night Sky's around the World


There is something incredibly captivating about a clear night sky. Depending on where you go in the world will greatly effect what you see when you look up at night. Whether you look up and see the incredible aurora of the northern lights or the Milky Way in all it's glory you find yourself in awe of not just the world but the vast universe that we are a part of.

The amount of stars you can see in the sky when it's clear is incredible, but it's only actually a tiny fraction of all the stars and planets out there. Here are 23 spectacular photographs that show just how amazing the nights sky can be.

1. Taken in the middle of a desert, Arizona

arizona stars

Photo via Michael Shainblum

2. Aurora Borealis


Photo via Garðar Ólafsson

3. Rila Mountain, Bulgaria


Photo via Emil Rashkovski

4. Meteor Shower Over Denver, Colorado


Photo via Thomas O'Brien

5. Easter Island, Chile

easter island

Photo via Shing Luk

6. 180 Degree Panorama Over Australia

Stitched Panorama

Photo via shootingben

7. Aurora Over The Callanish Standing Stones, Isle Of Lewis

isle of lewis

Photo via Colin Cameron

8. Lofoten, Norway

lofoten norway

Photo via Jarrod Castaing

9. Radio Mast Milkyway, Southern Finland

milkway finland

Photo via Esa Rosqvist

10. Red Square In Moscow, Russia


Photo via Cesur Kucuk

11. VLA And Milky Way, New Mexico, USA

new mexico

Photo via Knate Myers

12. Mount Cook, New Zealand

new zealand stars

Photo via Jay Daley

13. Northern Lights as seen from Iceland

northern lights

Photo via Preserved Light Photography

14. Patagonia, Argentina


Photo via Greg Boratyn

15. Aurora over The Isle of Lewis


Photo via Colin Cameron

16. Noche De San Fermin

san fermin

Photo via Jeremias Thomas

17. Soutrali Beach, Greece

sardust greece

Photo via Kostas Themelis

18. Starry Night


Photo via CoolBieRe

19. Lake Dumbleyung, Western Australia

stars western australia

Photo via Michael Goh

20. The Time Machine

The Time Machine

Photo via Sairam Sundaresan

21. Uluru, Australia


Photo via Johan Lolos

22. Washington, USA

when worlds collide

Photo via Dave Morrow

23. Milky Way over The Devil’s Tower In Wyoming, USA

wyoming stars

Photo via David Lane

h/t boredpanda