26 Acts of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


If you were slowly losing faith in humanity then fear not, we are here to help restore that faith and show you that amongst all the bad stuff going on there are great people out there who are doing great things and being kind to each other, even if that gesture of kindness is something as simple as giving out free water or being considerate to a neighbour.

1. Please don't rob your new best friends.

best friends

2. Good guy Zippo.

buisness card

3. These friendly neighbours.


4. This awesome dry cleaners.

cleaning for free

5. Cameron Lyle is perhaps the most selfless guy ever.

gives up career for stranger

6. This homeowner.

good guy home owner

7. These motorcyclists.

good guy motorcycle

8. Good guy Dwayne Johnson.

good guy rock

9. This considerate road user.

good guy stick shift

10. Good guy truck owner.

good guy truck owner

11. This awesome Make A Wish.

gotham city

12. Free water.

have a water on us for free

13. This awesome friend.


14. This amazing landlord.

i want to live there

15. IKEA are doing it right.

ikea free tampons

16. If this doesn't inspire you then nothing will.


17. Good guy doctor.

kind doctor

18. Just letting you know.

not a cop

19. Hey lady, I hope you voted for Rahm Emanuel.

putting in a good word

20. This news reporter.

reporter wearing grape costume

21. This Smart car owner who doesn't want you to get your hopes up.

smart car owner

22. Subway is doing it right.

subway helping out community

23. This will definitely make people come back.

tornado relief combo

24. Unexpected kindness at it's very best.

unexpected kindness

25. A University police officer with a kind heart.

university police officer

26. This friendly neighbour who helped to avoid a disaster.

window was down at rain weekend

Images via EbaumsWorld