27 Cats That Are Totally Ready for Christmas


Christmas time is here and that means decorating the house with lights, a tree, baubles and tinsel. During the process there are a lot of empty boxes and as cat owners will know, it's only a matter of time before they try and get in one.

Cats look at Christmas a lot differently to us humans... where we see a beautifully decorated tree they just see a new object to climb... where we see lights they see something to play with. A lot of cat owners like to dress their pets up as well and as long as they don't mind then why not? here are 27 cats that have totally embraced Christmas.

1. Exploring the lights.


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2. Father Christmas Jumper

cat santa jumper

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3. Christmas Cat Hat Costume

christmas cat hat 2

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4. Adorable Cat Hoodie

cat hoodies

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5. Santa Hat

santa hat 2

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6. Playing with a bauble.

cat playing with christmas tree

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7. Dazzled by the lights.

lost in the lights

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8. Waiting for santa.

cat in santa hat

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9. The best stocking fillers ever.

cat in christmas stockings

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10. Christmas Feast.

christmas feast

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11. Snuggle time.

christmas cat snuggle

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12. Best present ever.

cat ho ho ho

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13. Cat with a bow.

cat with bow

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14. Playing with the tree lights.

cat playing with lights

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15. Under the tree.

cat under the tree

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16. Cat in a hat.

christmas cat in hat

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17. "Woah, so pretty."

christmas cat tree lights

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18. Adorable Christmas cat scarf.

adorable cat christmas outfit

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18. Santa Kitten.

santa kitten

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19. This kitten is so small it's lost in Santa's hat.

cat playing with christmas hat

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20. "My Tree."

cat playing with tree

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21. Sleeping, just waiting around for Santa to show up.

cat sleeping chrismtas time

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22. Too Excited!

Christmas Cats wallpapers

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23. Santa Outfit.

cute cat in costume

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24. Patiently waiting for Christmas to hurry up.

christmas cats waiting

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25. Playful Christmas Cat.

playful chrismtas cat

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26. Cat with mini Christmas tree.

mini cat and chrismtas tree

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27. Too cute.

cute cat in santa hat

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