27 Images That Are Enough to Push Anyone over the Edge


You might not be a perfectionist, you might not even care that much about overall tidiness, but even so these 27 images will literally send you over the edge... they are that infuriating.

1. The way these are packaged is simply not acceptable.

annoying packaging

2. Whoever put this TV up on the wall.. you did bad.

awful tv mounting

3. People that park like this should be subject to automatic tickets for being so inconsiderate.

bad parking

4. Sharpeners that simply do not do their job correctly.

bad pencil sharpener

5. The person that put these tiles down on the floor. Seriously. What have you done!?.

bad tiling

6. Imagine sitting down to eat and then suddenly you discover this.

bent fork prong

7. Just this. Look at it.

broken fridge

8. How does this even happen?.

cirsp packet opened from bottom

9. Whats so upsetting about this is how easy it could have been to avoid it.

easily avoided

10. This striking new concept that nobody has ever heard of before. Forks.

fork home concept

11. Starting a game and instantly hitting a mine.

hitting a mine on first click

12. This many finger prints on an iMac that clearly isn't even touchscreen.

imac covered in figner prints

13. A broken zipper on the only hoody you can wear that day.

messed up zip

14. There are some seriously evil forces at work here.

out of place sprinkle

15. Someone really messed up when they refurbished this place and then they chose to ignore it. How could you!?

out of place tile

16. Someone clearly doesn't know how to pop pills in the correct way.


17. This is not the correct way to eat pizza. Nope.


18. The nice cup of tea that quickly turned into a nightmare.

ruined cup of tea

19. This party that is now totally ruined.

ruining a party

20. The one book that is bigger than the rest.

slightly bigger book

21. When this happens to socks. The entire day is ruined.

sock with hole

22. This elevator must have been designed by someone who just doesn't care.

strange elevator buttons

23. Maybe they should have just left the empty space blank.

strange pattern paving

24. Once you see this you will never un-see it.

tom cruise teeth

25. Imagine tucking into this if it was a sandwich. It would be the worst thing you've ever tasted.

too much butter

26. One of these lockers is not like the others.

upside down locker

27. This is the most frustrating Tetris GIF of all time. You have been warned.

truly awful tetris gif

via Buzzfeed