27 Snapchats Too Good to Disappear Forever


Snapchats are a great way of sending a funny message that when viewed disappears forever, but sometimes Snapchats are so genius that letting them go is a crime. Thank god for screenshots. Here are 27 snapchats that are simply too good to disappear forever.

1. Baby Jesus working on his abs

funny snapchat baby jesus

2. When Bae holds you close

funny snapchat bae

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3. The cat that wants to cook

funny snapchat breaking cat

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4. This cheeky feline

funny snapchat cat

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5. This new take on renaissance art

funny snapchat contacts

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6. This man walking his dog

funny snapchat dog walk

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7. The worlds most notorious drug dealer

funny snapchat dog

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8. Footloose

funny snapchat footloose

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9. Cat Selfie

funny snapchat friends

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funny snapchat google

11. Following basic instructions

funny snapchat instructions

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12. What happened to Dory!?


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13. This thirsty moment


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14. The truth is strong with this one

funny snapchat jehovah witness

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15. Don't do drugs kids

funny snapchat kush

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16. Making a boring lesson more interesting

funny snapchat lesson

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17. The harsh truth

funny snapchat lions king

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18. Did someone say Noodle Soup?

funny snapchat noodles

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19. This attempt at being Patrick

funny snapchat patrick

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20. Looking after BAE

funny snapchat safe

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21. Incredible advice

funny snapchat sisters

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22. "I Yelleth Timber"

funny snapchat timber

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23. This genius insult

funny snapchat trash

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24. Unicorn Killer!


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25. Free Wi-Fi

funny snapchat wifi

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26. The World Cup

funny snapchat world cup

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27. This terrifying realisation

funny snapchat wtf

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