3D Printed Prosthetics Allow Derby the Dog to Run for the First Time

Derby the dog was sadly born without properly functioning front legs. There are wheeled options out there to help disabled dogs move around by themselves but Derby’s owners knew that this loving dog deserved more so they decided to get some special help. The result is a set of custom designed 3D printed prosthetic front legs that allow Derby to run, play and be like every other dog.

The look on his face is so heart-warming it’s unreal. You can really see how happy Derby is now he can do what he does best. Check out the video to learn more about Derby and the process of creating his new front legs.

Derby used to have wheels to get around, but they were pretty limiting.

His owners decided Derby deserved better than this, so they sought specialist help…

..and now look at him.

Derby is truly free to be the awesome dog he was born to be.

Images via Youtube

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