These Billboards Have Been Turned into Shelters for the Homeless


Billboards are everywhere so it makes sense to turn the endless bombardment of adverts into something positive and thats exactly what a architectural design team from Slovakia have done. They have designed two-room apartments for the homeless that have a small kitchen, bathroom, office space and a bed with some storage underneath

The team behind this project are DesignDevelop and explain on their website “The Gregory project brings optimization to the construction of billboard structures. Such an object would need just a minimal maintenance cost which could be partially paid through the rental of its advert space”.

These images are computer visualisations of what the small apartments will actually look, and as you can see they look very promising. You can find out more about the project via Kickstarter.


billboard turned into homeless shelter 2

billboard turned into homeless shelter 3

billboard turned into homeless shelter 4

billboard turned into homeless shelter 5

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