Charlie the Venus Flytrap Dresses up as Santa to Spread Christmas Cheer


Youtuber Kluna Tik owns a Venus flytrap plant named Charlie The Carnivore who is arguably the most famous Venus flytrap on the internet. In her videos Charlie can be seen performing all kinds of interesting tasks that you never knew a flytrap could do, including smoking and blowing bubblegum.

Venus flytraps are  carnivorous plants that snap shut when tiny hairs are touched and triggered. Although it sounds pretty scary you wouldn't know it when you take a look at Charlie in his latest video in which he dresses as Santa Claus. Looking good Charlie, keep it up!


Looking good as Santa.

venus flytrap santa outfit 2

venus flytrap santa outfit 3

Blowing Bubbles with Bubblegum.

venus flytrap santa outfit 4

venus flytrap santa outfit 5

Smoking like a total badass.

venus flytrap santa outfit 6

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h/t boredpanda