The Most Extreme Commute to Work You Will Ever See

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If you think your daily commute to and from work is tough then think again because in this remote village in China both adults and children have to embark on a trip of great danger just to get to work and school. Standing at 1,500 feet tall and stretching 1 kilometer the cable car system makes even those most average of cars look luxurious.

Here is a Yushan resident performing maintenance on the open cable car in order to make sure things keep running smoothly.

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This is the small engine that powers it along.

extreme commute to work 2

extreme commute to work 3

A family get ready for their daily commute.

extreme commute to work 4

They don't even look nervous..

extreme commute to work 5


extreme commute to work 7

It's remarkable to see what people get up to everyday. Next time you are stuck in traffic don't moan, consider yourself lucky that you aren't suspended by a wire 1,500 ft above ground.

Images via DailyMail

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