There Is a Hidden Room Located underneath This Lake



Located within the Whitley Estate lies a secret room underneath a lake. On the surface there are few clues that give away the hidden rooms locations apart from a single statue of Neptune that sits above a doom.

Underneath that dome is a room that was built in the 1800s by Whitaker Wright who was known as a bit of a dodgy businessman who wasn't afraid of splashing the cash in extravagant ways. Wright was eventually convicted of fraud and tragically took his own life before he was sentenced.

A view of the statue from the side of the lake.

secret rooms hidden under lake 3

The roof of the dome shape room is transparent in order to let the light flow through but not the water.

secret rooms hidden under lake 2

This is the long hallway that connects the dome room with the outside world.

secret rooms hidden under lake 3.1

The stairs that lead down to the tunnel below ground.

secret rooms hidden under lake 2.1

secret rooms hidden under lake 4

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