Histories Most Famous Leaders Reimagined as Hipsters


In this creative series titled 'Hipstory' we get to see what some of histories most iconic leaders from the past would look like if they were still around today as modern hipsters. Inspired by the differences between these individual thinkers and society now as a collective, illustrator Amit Shimoni has made this playful series.

The purpose of this series is to make a point about generation "Y" and how they are far more concerned about their look and self expression that they stay away from big ideologies, something that these leaders where not afraid of. Shimoni states that the purpose of the project was not to criticise or point fingers at anyone, but to help inspire us to think differently about ourselves and our place in society.

Abraham Lincoln

abraham lincoln

Che Guevara

che guevara hipster

John F. Kennedy

kennedy hipster 1

Mahatma Gandhi


Mao Zedong

mao zedong hipster

Margaret Thatcher

margaret thatcher hipster

Nelson Mandela

nelson mandela hipster

Vladimir Lenin

vladimir lenin hipster

Winston Churchill

winston churchill hipster

source: society6.comFacebooknuvango.com

h/t boredpanda