‘Lumino City’ Is a Video Game Constructed Entirely of Handmade Paper Structures

Whilst millions upon millions are spent creating big budget games such as Rockstars GTA V, it’s important to remember that there are still plenty of smaller teams around the world working on games that deserve just as much acclaim and recognition for their hard work and creativity. State of Play is a six member team that have been working away for three years in London deserve recognition above the rest for what they have created – a video game crafted entirely from paper by hand!.

Unlike most video game developing teams, this one consists of a photographer, architect and a model maker who were all need to physically construct the games environment. The video game will be called ‘Lumino City‘ and rather than use animation and 3D modelling it will use small motors, lights and paper card.

For each level of the puzzle game the sets where filmed and then the game play side coded along in sequence to the camera footage, the result is a truly unique game that follows the adventures of a little girl who is searching for her grandfather. It’s incredibly impressive how they have taken the digital element away from gaming and still made it playable on either Mac or PC and very soon your mobile too.

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