Man Using a Jetpack Performs Epic Stunts above Dubai


Yves Rossy has earned himself the nickname Jetman, but not for this stunt alone. He is already familiar with flying at high altitude as he is an ex Swiss fighter pilot, Guinness Book record holder and now the first many to fly with a jet-propelled wing.

Watch as he flies in formation with Aerobatics Champion Veres Zoltán in Dubai. This slick video was put together by Dubai Film Production and features slick editing and epic music. Watch until the very end, it's well worth it.

Yves Rossy jumps out of a helicopter attached to his Jetpack. Let the fun begin.

jetman flying over dubai 6

In flies Aerobatics Champion Veres Zoltán.

jetman flying over dubai 5

Just look at that thing. Damn it's cool.


They both perform some epic stunts. Weaving in and out of each other.

jetman flying over dubai 7

jetman flying over dubai 3

And at the end of it all....

jetman flying over dubai 2

Another one shows up. Epic.

jetman flying over dubai 1

Images via YouTube