This Paralysed Dog Will Remind You Why Everyone Deserves a Second Chance


Meet Zeus, a dog who's story will remind you why everyone deserves a second chance in life. At just six months old Zeus started to suffer from strange symptoms. His owners noticed a small lump on his body and slowly Zeus became paralyzed. Rather than seek help for Zeus his family decided they didn't want a disabled dog and left Zeus at a high kill shelter in Oklahoma.

Luckily for Zeus St. Francis Community Animal Rescue & Education (CARE) in Murphysboro, Illinois took care of him as they knew he wouldn't last long at the adoption shelter.

Although it isn't clear what caused Zeus's illness it is thought that it was most likely caused by a virus explains his new owner, Lynda Kuether.


Zeus was given antibiotics and steroids to help him get better and started a series of routine exercises to help him recover.

zeus paralyzed dog 2

At the start of his treatment someone has to physically move his limbs as he was unable to do so by himself.

zeus paralyzed dog 3

But he slowly gained enough strength to swim all by himself.

zeus paralyzed dog 4

Eventually Zeus could army crawl around on dry land too.

zeus paralyzed dog 5

Once Zeus was strong enough it was possible for him to use a wheelchair. With donations from followers online it only took three days for him to get one.

zeus paralyzed dog 6

It took some time a lot of practice on everyones part but now Zeus can walk without the aid of a wheelchair.

zeus paralyzed dog 7

Everyone deserves a second chance.

source: Facebook

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