Pets Personalities Illustrated in Playful Cartoons by Chris Beetow

Every pet owner will know that just like us humans our pets also have their own personalities which is why artist Chris Beetow decided to create these illustrations in a distinctive cartoon style.

Beetow will first sit down with the pets owner and talk about the animals behaviour and traits to get an idea of the pet’s behaviour and then using that information he will begin to sketch a cartoon version of that animal as he pictures them, capturing their quirks and differences.

No matter the personality of the pet Beetow has the ability to turn it into something incredible in illustrative form. You can see more pet portraits via the artists website.

Bella The Delicate

Rubi, Who Is Afraid Of Spiders

Daisy The Sweetie

Leo, The King Of The House

Frankie The Rescued Pit Bull

Ace The Classy Guy

Tilly The Hungry

Ralph The Handsome

Echo The Green-Eyed Cutie

Grover The Happy Guy

Elliot The Sleepy

Sprite, The Energetic One

Source: Chris BeetowFacebookBehanceSociety6

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