Spectacular Colour Changing Infinity Lights Brighten up Manchester

This amazing 10-meter-squared installation by Squidsoup invites passers by to wonder through it and interact with the thousands of lights that appear to float and change colour in response to their surroundings and the interaction of humans. The installation is located in Salford Quays, in Manchester, England.

Quays Culture says that “As you walk through the artwork, the wind will be visualised as light in the space around you. When the wind blows hard the space feels chaotic and turbulent – with many lights flickering and forming. On quieter evenings, the experience is calm and gentle. Human responsive as well as wind responsive, by walking and playing amongst the lights you will leave trails of luminescence behind you as you move through the space.”

Photos by Joel Fildes

Source: Squidsoup website

via mymodernmet

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