Take a Look around Oymyakon, the Coldest Village in the World

In these impressive photographs taken by New-Zealand based photographer Amos Chapple we get to explore what is considered to be the coldest village on earth, Oymyakon, Russia. It has earn’t that title with a bone chilling temperature recorded in 1933 of −90 °F (−67.7 °C) making it the coldest permanently inhabited place on earth.

Amos Chapple explored the small village which has a population of just 500 people and managed to take some beautiful photographs that capture just how cold it really is. Getting to the village is a two day journey in an area that has average temperatures of −30 °F (−34 °C).

Those that live in Oymyakon have had to adapt to the cold weather in various ways, for example there diet which is mainly meat as the temperature in the area makes it impossible to grow crops. Apparently when Chapple was shooting these photographs even his lens zoom rings were getting stuck and frozen solid.

Photos via amoschapplephoto.com

h/t petapixel

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