The Vela One Will Enable Amateur Photographers to ‘Stop Bullets’ in Time

Unless you are using a high end camera such as a DSLR when trying to capture fast moving objects you are always going to be left disappointed with the outcome. Cameras that can capture sporting action at high speed are usually only for the pro’s but this new gadget allows amateur photographers to enjoy the pleasures of freezing fast objects in time.

The Vela One uses a series of LED strobes to capture objects moving at extremely high velocity and speed, in this case a ball bearing thats moving quicker than the speed of sound. The camera has captured the moments before impact and the results after with apple cores, burst balloons and glass flying everywhere. This is because the Vela One captures moments that in real time only last just two millionths of a second. Which is pretty insane.

Such photographs could have only been captured by professionals before using high-voltage, expensive systems but the Vela One will cost from £495. As the founder on Kickstarter, Matthew Kane explains: ‘The way that we do it is by using a slower shutter speed and a faster flash which simply freezes the image of a bullet in mid-air. ‘The Vela One is a hundred times faster than any normal flash that you can buy on the market and means that amateur photographers can take photos of things that are going three times the speed of sound.’ At the moment he has only experimented using air bullets but says that: ‘I can guarantee that it can capture real bullets because I’ve accurately measured the speed of the flash.’

Mr Kane is trying to raise money for this new flash on Kickstarter and has received interest from distributors the world over. The founder hopes that the rig will change the amateur photography game forever, allowing anyone to take stunning high speed photographs, ‘I’m excited to see what kind of pictures people are going to come up with. I think that people are going to come up with amazing things,’ he says. The rig can already be pre-ordered for £495 and will be shipped in may 2015.

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