This Video Blends Science and Music Together Perfectly


In this video titled 'CYMATICS' we see science and sound come together to create some truly mesmerising visual illusions. Unlike a lot of what you see these days, all these effects are practical and very much real and it took a team of people to create them.

In 1999, Nigel Stanford watched a film called 'Synesthesia' about a disorder that effects the audio visual functions of the brain, and since then developed a deep interest in the relationship between sound and colour. Stanford always thought it would be cool to make a music video inspired by this idea and have sounds corresponding to various visual elements.

After discovering Cymatics a few years ago, which is the science of visualising audio frequencies Stanford saw his chance to make a long time ambition a reality. Partnering up with Shahir Daud, a talented film director from New York the two of them made it happen and the result is amazing. You can learn a lot more about the process of creating the video over at

cymatics audio visual 1

cymatics audio visual 2

cymatics audio visual 3




cymatics audio visual 5


cymatics audio visual 6


Images via Cymatics / Behind the scenes

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