The 10 Best Apps for People Who Love Reading

If you love reading on the go then these 10 apps are exactly what you need in your life. They will help you read on multiple devices, discover new books and give you a way of saving cool articles you find on the web so you can read them at a later date.

1. Kindle

Kindle is free and probably the most popular book app on every platforms there is. Powered by Amazon the app has a cool feature that allows you to highlight text you want to save for later and then upload it to the cloud which you can access from your Amazon account, making it very useful for people studying and looking for quotes from a book.

2. iBooks

iBooks comes already installed on all Apple devices so if you’ve got an iDevice then this is the best way to buy and read books on your iOS device. The software, being created by Apple is incredibly sleek as you would expect however the books on offer can be limited meaning you will need to install one of the other apps in this list if you are a complete book worm.

3. Calibre

This app is good for those who want to read on PCs and Macs and has a very useful feature you won’t find on a mobile device. Calibre allows you to take files from services such as Kindle and iBooks and then convert them into a format of your choosing, allowing you to take full control of your book files.

4. Kobo

Kobo allows you to cross-sync between devices such as your tablet and mobile but puts more emphasis on the social side of reading by having a friends feature and tracking your habits – it also supports Facebook and Twitter. You can’t actually purchase books in the app but you can sync them from the website.

5. Bluefire Reader

All of your DRM-formatted eBooks and PDFs can be read off of your iPhone using this app. The app itself is well designed and can be customised to your liking. Unlike Kobo you can search for and read books all whilst in the app.

6. Pocket

If you enjoy browsing the internet but don’t always have the time to read an interesting article that you’ve stumbled upon then Pocket is the perfect app for you. You can save pretty much every type of web content their is and then go back and view it at a later date.

7. Audible

Sometimes you just can’t get your head down and read because you are on the go or busy doing other things, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop listening. Audible is free to download and comes with one audiobook of your choice, after that it will cost $14.95 a month for one credit. If you end your subscription at any point you can still access the books you paid for via the cloud on almost any device.

8. iReadItNow

If you want to keep track of the books you have read, plan on reading or are reading at this point then iReadItNow is very useful. If you are someone who does a lot of reading, perhaps when studying, then it will be useful to you. It also supports statistics and a cool feature that allows you to attach notes of your favourite paragraphs and pages to your book collection.

9. GoodReads

Unlike the rest of the apps in this list, you don’t actually do much book reading in GoodReads. The app is designed to connect you with a community of readers, giving you the opportunity to share your book collection with others. It’s also a great place to get lots of honest reviews so you can consider which book you should read next.

10. Google Play Books

Google Play Books gives users access to 2 million or more books that can be taken on your mobile device and read anywhere you like. It also syncs up with any Google Books library.

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