10 Essential Websites and Apps for Students

Here are 10 useful web tools and apps that every student should know about. Whether its waking up in time for an exam or stopping yourself from being distracted whilst working, those problems will be a thing of the past.

1. SelfControl

Self Control will be useful for those that get easily distracted. If you constantly find yourself procrastinating on social media this app will help by blocking sites such as Twitter and Facebook for a certain amount of time, allowing you to keep focused and get work done.

*Only available on Mac (Windows users try ColdTurkey)

2. Wakerupper

Wakerupper is a cool website thats totally free and allows you to wake yourself up with an organised phone call rather than an alarm when you have a big exam the next day. Waking up late for an important class or exam will never be a worry ever again.

3. ilys.com

This site doesn’t let you see what you have written until you have reached your specified word goal. It stops you from stopping and starting all the time to go back and make changes.

4. JumpCut

JumpCut will be useful to those that are in a rush to reach a deadline. When writing essays or doing homework copying and pasting can be a brilliant way of gathering information. The reason it’s so useful is that even if you copy something else, it still gives you access to all the text you’ve previously copied before.

5. Final Grade Calculator

This one might just be the most important here. After putting the rest of these apps and web tools to good work your going to need to add up the results of all that hard work. Final Grade Calculator allows you to input your grades so far and it will calculate what you could potentially get as a final score. Very useful if you need some inspiration and motivation.

6. Hemingway Editor

A very useful and functional web tool that highlights things that need changing in your essays. It goes a lot deeper than grammar errors and actually advises you on sentence length and even when a word needs to be changed from an adverb to a verb.

7. Squirt

For those that find a lot of text daunting this will be ideal. Squirt lets your read one word at a time, allowing you to better focus on what you are reading rather than being overwhelmed by text and information.

8. TED

TED is easily one of the most inspiring Apps and websites in the world. It’s full of talks from some of the most innovative and clever people in the world, from technology geniuses to business entrepreneurs. It’s an educational app that will not only open your mind but also be useful to some of your assignments.

9. Focusbar

Similar to Self Control, this app constantly reminds you what you’re supposed to be doing when you start straying onto other websites and apps when you should be concentrating on the task in hand. A great tool if you are someone who likes to procrastinate on the internet.

*Only available on Mac

10. ExamTime

Exam Time is easily one of the most important tools on this list. It lets you create revision timetables, exam timetables and create online mind maps, notes and quizzes. It’s a cool and refreshing approach to learning and completely free to sign up.

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