10 Useful Online Tools You Should Be Using

The internet is not only a place full of useful information, it is also full of useful services and tools as well. Here we have compiled a list of 10 useful online tools that you should be taking advantage of.

1. PDF Escape – Create PDFs and upload and annotate your own for free.

2. Rsizr – Edit and resize photos in your web browser.

3. Tweet StatsEnter your Twitter username and get statistics about your account.

4. Issuu– Upload documents and share them online with friends or with the wider issuu community.

5. Font Struct– Fancy getting creative? create your own personalised font.

6. Zero Dollar Movies – Watch hundreds of movies and documentaries online for free.

7. WeTransfer– Send files of up to 2GB for free through your email address.

8. Sleepyti.me– Not getting enough sleep? this will tell you when you need to go to bed based on the time you need to be up.

9. Iodine– This is a useful Google Chrome extension that highlights medical jargon and explains.

10. Scribblemaps– Lets you create custom google maps.

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